Wear your Spree

The Spree SmartCap or Headband obtains your biometric information comfortably from your forehead while channeling sweat from your eyes.

Move Your Body

Spree is perfect for use when running, walking, cycling, weight lifting, cardio training and more!

check your stats

Monitor your heart rate, speed, distance, time, calories burned and body temperature. Then celebrate your achievements!

a step above the rest

A Step Above The Rest


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It’s time to get something off your chest

In a market inundated with uncomfortable and awkward heart rate monitor chest straps and basic activity trackers, there is only one product that sits on top. The Spree SmartCap is the most accurate heart rate monitor in one simple, comfortable hat.

The Spree SmartCap can be used by anybody. It is as simple as putting on a hat. No straps. No hassle. No brainer.

Because you shouldn’t have to adjust your comfort level when using a fitness monitor. And you shouldn’t have to adjust the fitness monitor itself when you wear it. Ultimately, your fitness monitor should be designed to help you adjust your workout to be more effective.

Break free with the Spree SmartCap.

Use Your Head

Use Your Head

the spree smartcap and headband were designed with you in mind.

Spree’s advanced technology is integrated in the wireless Performance Optimization Device, or POD, that fits securely in the SmartCap and Headband while you exercise. Unlike movement tracking wristbands, which can be elementary and unreliable or even high-end heart rate monitors that require chest straps and restrict breathing, Spree obtains your biometric information comfortably from your forehead.

the app

exercise monitoring app

find your zone

Spree provides a top rated custom iOS App that will provide the most integrated user experience. Spree is also compatible with a number of popular third party apps written for iOS and Android including Runtastic, MapMyRun, Runkeeper and many others.

While you exercise, the Spree fitness monitor tracks your heart rate, body temperature, distance, speed, time and calories burned. This biometric information simultaneously streams to your smart phone app using Bluetooth Smart technology. This all-around smart performance app will help elevate your fitness training to new heights.



body temperature

heart rate


additional features

your true colors

The Spree SmartCap and Headband are designed to enhance your workout experience, but to also fit and your personality. View our colors options to match your style.


Why Spree


Fitness enthusiasts ourselves, we were unsatisfied with the products on the market claiming to give the most accurate and complete information on our workouts. We tried the heart rate chest straps. We tried the lifestyle wristband trackers, the watches, and the shoe sensors. We even combined them. Even with all of the claims, not one of them included body temperature tracking. We felt it was important to know when our bodies were warmed up and when our bodies were too warm. We wanted to workout smarter, NOT harder.

So we invented Spree, the world’s smartest fitness monitor.
And what we found was even more exciting. By including body temperature into the equation along with heart rate obtained by the forehead, you get a more accurate calorie count during your workout.
We now have all the information at our fingerprints that we want. In real-time. In one product. Now THAT’S smart.